Day-9 Having stink’n thinking

why is finding the positive in everything often so hard. I remember when i was younger and i would see someone who always appeared happy or always smiling and thinking “oh, God how annoying, no one is truly that happy all the time, she/ he must be faking it”

But why was it so hard to believe that someone could be that happy all the time? Why is it so hard to think a positive thought before a negative one?

Maybe it is all the negative imaginary we are faced with today. The negative news cast of all the terrible things going on in the world, with the 5 mins out of 30 or 60 of positive. The commercials of all the things we should change about our body’s our lives, that train up to go looking for things that are wrong with us. I often even wonder if we focused more on positive and less on the negative if maybe there would be less negative to report as a result?

Its a constant battle of negative vs positive everyday. So really in order to have a fighting chance we really need to find at least a balance of the negative thoughts we have vs the positive ones. So what can we do to have a more positive outlook?

Maybe to combat the negative thoughts we need to constantly make the effort to replace those thoughts with positive ones.  Like when you look in the mirror, do you every look in the mirror and focus on the things you dislike about yourself?  why not take a few minutes to think of something positive instead. Think something really nice like that you have a nice smile, or something else. It may sound corny, But really why does being nice to yourself have to be corny.

I think that’s the problem, that thinking positive, or taking the time to find the good in everything is corny. But just because it is not natural doesn’t mean its corny.

Today i am thankful for a friend, Carly, who took the time to make me reflect on the positive of a situation, instead of the negative. Who made me realize how important it is to not get bogged down by the negative.

I am thankful for My sister and the gift of a hair cut that she gave to me for my birthday. I felt so blessed to be able to be pampered for a few hours.

I am Thankful for Jimmie who no matter how i feel about myself always makes me feel beautiful. Who always tells me how good i look when i am feeling down, and who no matter what i am wearing tells me how much he loves me. I don’t think i would make it through the day with all my negative thoughts, with out the combating positive thoughts jimmie gives me!

I am thankful for the fun task of getting into character for the murder mystery party, of calling deb and talking like cyndi lauper. I am thankful for the ability to fight a silly fear of simply calling someone, and having it be such a sorce of happiness today.

I hope you replace a negative thought today, with a positive one, and feel how freeing a positive can be.


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