Day 14- Habits

“The beginning of a habit is like an invisible thread, but every time we repeat the act we strengthen the strand, add to it another filament, until it becomes a great cable and binds us irrevocably, thought and act. -orrison swett marden”

I have been working over the last two days to really take the time to figure out what is really important to me, what i need to do to achieve it, and then make plans to take action. I realized i am often very blind to many things, and that life gets away from us all very quickly. If we plan on doing many things, create numerous list, but never take action then really it does not matter what intentions or goals we have.

I think the most important thing when creating a new habit is taking baby steps. Deciding what is most important for you to accomplish, breaking it down in to simple parts, and starting the task from the beginning. I find in the past i often make outlandish goals that are just two overwhelming to try to achieve. Plus when i am not perfect, i give up entirely on the goals and it never get achieved. Like for example making a goals of going to the gym 5 times a week, only making it 3 times, and then beating myself up so much that i end up going less and less each week, until my going is non existent.

Its not okay to go easy on yourself all the time and come up with excuses as to why you are not accomplishing a particular task, but we should always give ourselves credit for the efforts that were made in creating a new habit. A good habit.

Have you ever accomplished a goal by beating yourself up all the way there? Me either, funny that i continue to do it on a daily basis anyways, that makes no sense at all.

Why not take the time to create a goal break it down to baby steps, and take it one step at a time. Not only could you accomplish so much more, but imagine how great you would/will feel after every goal is accomplished. Plus when it is accomplished don’t forget to praise yourself for a job well done.

Today i am thankful for the time that i had talking with Jimmie and sharing my feelings. I am thankful for the chance i get everyday to spend time with the one i love, and learn more about how to be more successful at achieving our goals as a team. I am blessed to have such a kind husband who loves me for where i am at, and is always provides me with room to grow into a better me.

I am blessed with amazing friends who make me cry at how thought full and kind they are. Lisa the words you wrote to me today brought tears to my eyes. It is not the things i do that make me courageous but the people, like yourself, that i surround myself with. Goals would not be worth achieving if i could not achieve them with friends, and win in life together!

I am thankful today for the things i am learning in a new book. I am blessed with the ability to challenge myself in creating new habit, and new ways of looking at life. I am thankful that i have been given the opportunity to write a blog about my daily blessings, and how that has made a vast differences in my life.

I am thankful again for Carly who influenced me to take the time to be thankful, and the ability that has given to me to truly reflect on my life.

I am grateful for simple things also today, like the calming spa music on shaw cable that i am currently listening to in the silence of the house as i think to myself how blessed i am. How wonderful my life truly is.

I hope today you create a new habit, and that as time goes on you replace all the bad habits in your life with good ones. That you find the time to be blessed, and be a blessing in the lives around you. I hope you look in the mirror and believe in the person looking back at you!


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