Day 15- don’t run out on your faith

Today was quite the day, a day were i have more things to be grateful for than i could write down right now. Today Jimmie and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary. Wow, somedays it feels like we have been together for so long, and others it feels like we have only been dating for a couple of year. I guess time sure does fly no matter what i feel.

What a day of celebration it was. We had not really planned too much for the day, as it had come so quickly, kinda snuck up on us. I figured it would just be a nice quite day, go to the gym, make jimmie super and just spend time together. It’s nice when you have no expectation and you end up with such a wonderful day.

We woke up had breakfast together, and then got ready to go to the gym(our first trip in a very long time),  while getting ready I remembered about gift certificates we had gotten for our wedding for facials and thought man i wish i would had remembered earlier and made an appointment for our special day. I mentioned to jimmie and he suggested i call anyways and see if we could book something on short notice. Turned out we could, they had two openings back to back in the afternoon. Perfect, what a great way to relax and unwind. We went to the gym and from the gym made our way to our appointment, jimmie went in first while i read and then i went secound.

It was quite the experience and wow what a relaxing time it was, i can’t remember the last time that i sat for that long without thinking about all that we have going on in our lives. After we got out jimmie suggested we go next door to get ice cream, a suggestion obviously i was open to. After that we made our way over to spence, i had gotten my rings sautered together and they were ready to be picked up. I was excited to get my rings back as i had really missed having them on.

Then Jimmie suggested that we go out to the keg, using another gift certificate someone had given us for the wedding. We came home changed, and had a wonderful dinner together. Afterward we thought we would check out a movie,(using another recourse of a gift we had recieved) and ended up inviting Bryan and Carly to join us in seeing Eagle eye.

I could give you a play by play right, i am just soo thrilled with how the day unfolded. But i will end with this…

A perfect ending to the day was driving home and hearing a familar song on the radio…

A song called “so small”, by Carrie Underwood.  the song  starts with “what you got if you ain’t got love?”

I know Jimmie has always been a lyrics guy, and i remember the first cd he made me and how he had pre-selected all the songs on the cd by the lyrics and the message he wanted to send to me with that Cd. I always just liked beats and songs that made me feel happy. But when i met jimmie i started liking songs based soley on the lyrics, and this is definately one of those songs.

Lyrics for so small :

Song :

It really made me not only reflect on the day, but reflect on life and all the things we have been through and over come in the last 6 years. All the obsticles we have over come, the stronger we have become as a couple, and all the leason we have learned along the way. Not all those leasons were easy, and some i thought we would never over come. I think people often forget that love is something that takes work. Love is something you work at everyday, and like hard work it has amazing rewards. If you put that work in.

But all that hard work aside we also have to often just step out on faith. I beleive so much more in faith then i ever did my whole life, right now. Jimmie and I have had many situation in the past where we had to let go of everything and just step out on faith. We have had unexpected cheques come in the mail, and unexpected event happen.

I realized today that with everything going on in our life right now that we have to just step out on faith and keep working toward all our goals. We also need to take the time to fill our tanks, because when we are rebuilt we are more focused and more effective.

Today i am thankful for the celebration of 6 wonderful years. I am Thankful for a wonderful day of time spent smiling, laughing, singing, and relaxing. I am Thankful for the blessing of so may gifts that made our day something amazing. A day that we probably couldn’t really have afforded without those many gifts.I am blessed with a husband who appreciates the liitle things in life that make me smile, a husband who does those little things not because he wants to but because he wants to make me happy.

I am grateful today for all the wonderful people who gave such great gifts, who probably have no idea what impact those simple gifts had on our lives today.

I am thankful for a god who provides, even when I walk out on your faith sometimes. I am blessed with the reminder that life is not something i can always manage on my own, and that its okay to ask for help sometimes.

I am thankful for my sister tammy, who makes me smile with silly text messages. I am blessed that i have a family to be around and that even when i do not see them as often as i would like that i know i can always count on them. I am thankful for this computer that i have been using to write my blogs, and the kindness of my sister who lent it to me.

I know sometimes its hard, life happens when you are planning things that you think are in your control. I know that sometimes i don’t understand why, and that sometimes i just want to “shut the world out and be left alone..” but really days like this make me realize that everything else is just really small. And that

I encourage you to read the lyric of that song. And do something that rebuilds you, or fills your tank. I hope that no matter how big that moutain you are climbing appears, that you climb it anyways, and that you never walk out on your faith for too long.



  1. tammy Said:

    Haha! Finally I make the blog!! But shoe?? He not feeling the love. Not cool CJ not cool. lol

  2. lisabrodersen Said:

    I’m so glad you guys had a great anniversary!

    And I think you need to add Tammy’s smile to your list. It’s the best!

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