Day 29- what do you believe?

Today was kind of a strange day to say the least, but interesting none the less. We were introduced to something that i couldn’t even begin to explain to you, because i don’t even know what we were introduced to. But it really made me think a lot about my faith.

I have never read the bible, but i have been getting more and more interested in having a close relationship with god over the last year. That being said i have always wanted to read the bible, and have on and off made the commitment to myself to do so.

I was thinking today after being introduced to what i would probably call another form of religion is that when you are not strong in what you believe you are really open to everything. I don’t mean open minded, i mean open spiritually to other things.

Weather you believe in demons, spirits, or the devil this is the types of things i believe that you can be open to. I have heard many places that when you are at your weakest you are the most susceptible to being drawn in by these things. This is a pretty deep subject, and i know everyone has different beliefs, so i will not get to far into it. But religion aside i have always believed that when we are weak we are open to many manipulations of life, Weather it be people or maybe even illegal business that are looking to take advantage of us.

I realized today no matter what i believe spiritually, or otherwise. I need to be so much stronger in what i believe. I need to be stronger as a woman, stronger in my spiritual beliefs, and stronger in my values. And i don’t mean pushing what i believe in on to others. I just mean that It is easy to be swayed in many different ways morally and ethically if i do not have a firm belief system.

Today also made me realize that there are people out there that are hurting so much that they are willing to join anything to feel like they belong to something.  That made me feel really sad, i feel like i have been part of an organization that truly makes a difference in peoples lives. I have seen peoples relationships change and even be fixed by the books and materials i have been introduced to over the last year.

Today i am grateful for the community that i belong to called team, i am thankful for the amazing leaders in this organization, leaders that stand true to there beliefs, morals, and values. I have seen for myself their conviction many times. I am blessed for the things i have learn from those leaders and the improvements it has made in my life, and is still making today.

I am blessed to have a god who i know is fighting for me and my faith even when i am not.

I am grateful for jimmie and how strong he is, as a leader and a husband. I am thankful that i know i am always protected when i am with him, and that he is always of my safety in any situation.

I am thankful for friends, and the great laughs we have together.

I hope you decided what is important to you, what your beliefs and values are, and that you fight for them everyday.


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