Day 44-Living your Dash

Today we attended a funeral for my cousins grandmother(Mary) though it was sad to see her go, i felt at peace that she was with here husband in heaven and that she no longer had to deal with the struggles of this life. Its weird to think about life and death and where we go when we are no longer here.

They had some scrapbooks and pictures of Mary and they had these cute love letters they had found written by her husband to her. It was so cute. It got me thinking what pictures and things would be displayed at my funeral what things would they say about me, and how would they describe my dash.

The dash in between the day born and the day passed, the most important thing on a grave stone.

Really makes you think a lot about your daily life, what you have accomplished, what you have been holding back on doing, and how much time do we truly have left to complete those things?

Today i am thankful for the celebration of a life lived. I am thankful for the reminder it gives me of the life i am living and where i want to be living my dash. I am thankful for a beautiful woman who loved her family, and was so compassionate about her life. I am blessed to have known this woman.

I am thankful for Jimmie because I love him so much and do not know what i would do without him.

We also attended a concern tonight by All Else Fails, i really awesome band and they put on a killer show. Though my ears will still be ringing in the morning it was well worth it. I would definitely suggest checking them out. So today i am grateful for the chance to hear this band live. It was quite amazing, and definitely fascinating the talent that some people have.

What will you do in your dash?


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