Day 49- The go giver.

Last night Jimmie got on the phone around 11:30pm talking with a good friend of his Tim, i sat and watched TV for a bit and after about an hour i thought i would go to bed on my own. But instead on the way to bed i saw “The Go Giver”, a book  i have been meaning to read, sitting on the table. So i decided to take it with me and start reading till i was tired.

Turned out the book was soo good i could not put it down, by the time jimmie got off the phone it was 2:30am and i only had 2 chapters left. I was so intrigued i could have finished it then but thought it be best i wait and get some sleep. When i woke up this morning i got right back into it and with in 3o mins was done the book.

This year i have read more then i have ever read my whole life, and a few months ago i finished a book in one day. It was such a big accomplishment to me as i am such a slow reader. Well finishing this book in 2.5 hours made me feel so good!!

Anyways i can’t stop thinking about how good of a book it was and how easy of a read it was too. In the book he talks about giving and the value of what giving to others can bring into your own life. I really loved all the concepts in the book, and really hope i can implement a lot of them in the years to come.

The book talks about the 5 Laws of Stratospheric success:

1. The law of value- your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

2. The law of compensation- Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

3. The law of influence- Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

4. The law of authenticity- the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

5. The law of Receptivity- The Key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

What amazing tools to have in our belt for success. I am so grateful to be part of an organization who has people like Orrin Woodward who read 20 books a month and pick the best one for us to read. I am so grateful for books like 5love languages, Love and Respect, Positive personality profiles… and so many more. Most of these books i think are a given if you wish to have a successful marriage or relationship, and i truly believe that jimmie and mine relationship would not have lasted without learning  all the things in the books we have read.

unfortunately i don’t believe that love is always enough, and i am so thankful for all the amazing relationship principles i have learned and i look forward to learning more.

I also just really like one thing that was said in this book that i think was also said in 5 love languages. There is a point in the book where Joe (the main character in the book) comes home and talks to his wife about her bad day, they had a unwritten rule that they would not complain for longer than a set amount of time. After listening to her complain and over the set time she went to stop talking and Joe insisted that she continue and that anything he had to do could wait.  The next day he talks to the man (Pindar)who is teaching him all these principles and pindar says something that really struck me.

” i believe there is one reason, and only one reason, that we have stayed together for so long and are as happy together today as we were forty-eight years ago-more so, in fact. The reason is this: i care more about my wife’s happiness than i do about my own. All I’ve ever wanted to do since the day i met her is make her happy. And here’s the truly remarkable thing – she seems to want the same for me.”

“wouldn’t some people call that codependent?” ventured Joe.

“yes probably would. know what i call it?”


Pindar laughed. “yes certainly that. I was going to say, I’d call that success.”

I just love this little conversation that they have here, and it really makes me think about Jimmie and I’s relationship and all the things i do, but all the more i could be doing for jimmie.I love hearing from people who have been married for 35 to 50 years on what they have done to have a successful marriage. I feel so blessed that these people are willing to share their secrets!

Today i am thankful for jimmie and all the little things he does to make me happy. I think i often forget to thank jimmie for all the things he does on a daily basis. Even today when leaving bryan and carly’s house he looked at me and said i love you. Bryan walked by and made a joke… eww i heard that( and it was funny) but i thought isn’t that the point. That not only do we love each other but that we know we love each other because we speak it everyday. and that people know that we love each other because they hear us speak it.

I  think of all the people who pride themselves in have being married for 35- 50 years but yet hate each other, or never communicate. To be that’s not really a successful marriage, i hope when i die my children know that i was in love, and that i was truly loved back by their father… to me that is success.

I am also thankful for bryan and carly, who even though we showed up late and without calling put together a plate for us for dinner. Thanks for the delicious dinner you guys rock!!

I hope not only do you have success in life, but you have success in the relationships with those around you. Weather its you mother, your sister, brother, or spouse that you take good pride in making all your relationships a success.



  1. Carly Said:

    I was just glancing at your blog and was going to wait til tomorrow morning to read it. But as soon as I saw that your topic was Go Giver, I had to read it!

    You quoted the exact same lines I did in my previous blog about the book! That’s also my FAVORITE part of the book! That was the part that stayed with me, even now. I think about it now and then. It’s a great reminder of what a successful relationship is, and I’m so thankful to have that reaffirmed in that book and in your blog tonight!

    Thank you so much for coming tonight. I was thinking today how I haven’t seen you guys in over a week and how much I’ve missed you guys. It was such an awesome surprise that you guys dropped by. It was so good to see you, even though it was only for a short period. Can’t wait to hang with you on Friday!

    Anyhoo, have a great day tomorrow. Maybe we can make it a project to implement one stratospheric law of success every day, just like he did in the book.

    love always, Carly

  2. Dear Candice,

    I have to say, this is one of the sweetest blog posts I’ve read about our little book. I’m touched and honored that you read through the whole thing so voraciously!

    Congratulations on your wonderful marriage. I just got married a few months ago and am looking forward to our thirty-fifth and fiftieth anniversaries! Here are a few wedding pictures:

    Warm regards,


  3. Bob Burg Said:

    Hi Candice,

    What a sweet blog posting that was. And, thank you so much for mentioning John David Mann’s and my book. I was truly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to work with John on this book, as he has such a knack for storytelling and making characters really come alive.

    And, I know we both appreciate Orrin making this a suggested book. He has certainly been one of my heroes for a long time and is truly a top, top leader.

    Again, my thanks and best wishes,


  4. Lisa Brodersen Said:

    Dear Candice!

    Everytime I read your blog I love you more and more. You are such a smart and insightful woman and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are a great example for all the ladies on our team and we are blessed to get to see your example more clearly through this blog.

    As I think back on some of the women I have looked up to in my life, I have realised that some of the reason why I admired them so much was because they truly strived to put other’s happiness before their own. I think almost all women are amazing at serving others, but there is really something special about a woman who serves this way.

    It was really great to spend some time with you guys last night and I am really excited for Friday!

  5. bryancarly Said:

    I don’t know if my comment made it on your blog last night or not (our computer was acting up), if so, please delete this message. If not, here it is again!

    Those were the exact lines I quoted about the book in my blog a few weeks ago! That part was my FAVORITE as well, and it stuck out to me the most just like it did to you. It gave me a real nudge on what a successful relationship is. It was one of my favorite books this year for sure. Maybe we can start a movement on implementing a strastopheric law of success every day just like Joe did?

    I loved hanging out with you and Jimmie last night! Thank you so much for coming! I was just saying to Amanda last night how it’s been more than a week since we’ve hung out with you guys, which is a really long time. And it was so awesome to hang last night. It really renewed us! Just like Lisa, I’m excited for Friday!

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