Day 51- christmas Party

Today i am thankful for the time we got to share today with a big group of good friends. Bryan and Carly have been awesome hosts a lot this year, they host stuff at there house all the time. It is so nice to have someone make you such a wonderful meal and not have to worry about the mess. I know it takes a lot to host things at you house all the time and Jimmie and I really appreciate it.

I am grateful today for the chance to learn more about how to play risk, i have only played a couple of times and i just like learning how to play better. Jimmie is so great at playing games and always wins and i secretly always just want to learn to play so that i can at least be fun to play with.

I am grateful for Carly, Bryan, Lisa. L, Lisa. B, Korey it is always fun to be around you all. You all add something to my life, and i am graetful fro you all. I hope you all have a wonderful chirstmas vacation and a happy new year! i hope the new year brings you great abundance and happiness… you all deserve it!!

Jimmie thank you for always cheering me up when i am having a had day, or stinken thinking and for always making me feel such love.

on a side note ,it may not be anything special, i am thankful for authors like Bob Burg and John David Mann who took the time to comment on my blog, its aways awesome to hear from successful people who are so humble and nice. thank you for taking the time to say you appreciate my blog!!

Merry christmas


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