Day 61- cayce for 2 weeks

Today i am thankful for Cayce and the chance to spend 2 weeks with him, It is such good practice for me to have cayce around, not just for being a parent but for many things. I learn patients, caring, and kindness when i am with cayce. This may sound negative but it may chance your perspective if you would know that what i am meaning is that i learn all these things because this is what cayce shows me him self every day.

Cayce has a hard time speaking and he shows great patients in all of us when he repeats things and re repeats things. I can not imagine how frustrating it can be to have to do this, and to not be able to communicate all the time what you are feeling.

I am thankful that we are close to cayce and that we are able to take him and spend time with him. I am looking forward to helping him with his reading over the next 2 weeks and i am excited to see the improvement, because i know there will be great improvement,

I am also thankful for the fact that we got his speech at the wedding on tape. I can’t wait to hear it again, and to ball my eyes out at how touching and clear it is.

I am also thankful for jimmie who works so hard for our family, while others are already in the laziness of the christmas season he is out tonight building business and creating new relationships. I am grateful for how often he goes out of is comfort zone for us and our family. (especially our future family) I love you babe!


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