Day 76-Great friends

Seems like lately the days are flying by with nothing getting done. The house has been a disaster sense we got back from red deer and with in a few days we will be back there again. But it seems no matter what is going on i have things i am blessed with and things to be thankful for.

Today i am thankful for the chance to talk to bryan and carly. It always feels great talking about stuff with great friends and with everything going on its nice to finally talk openly to some great people. Some times when you are still deciding things or stilling going through some thoughts it feels a little like you have a secret that you are just dying to tell. I am thankful to be surrounded by such awesome friends and to have the chance to talk about our futures with out feeling judged.

I am thankful today that bryan made us dinner tonight we kinda imposed on steeling his lunch, but bryan and carly are so giving and they are always thinking about others. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

I am also thankful for jimmie, who on some days i don’t know how he puts up with his crazy wife. especially in times when there is a lot of emotion going on and i am feeling so many different things. Jimmie is always there to comfort me, hold me while i cry, or just tell me how much he loves me. i am greatful that he can handle my crazy days with a smile and that he never makes me feeling bad about my roller coaster of emotions.


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