Day 85-Cow town

Today was a pretty slack day, where i am usually getting read for cashflow in edmonton, today i was in calgary getting ready for my cosins birthday party. She decided for her 20th birthday that she was going to have a rock star themed house party.

It was quite the night, it was fun to dress up and just been a little younger for the night. I am thankful today actually though, that i am  no longer younger. I miss some things about being young but there is a lot i realized tonight that i don’t miss.

I am thankful for jimmie, that i never have to be single again. That i never have to search for love in the wrong places. I am thankful for knowing myself more, and being a lot more confident in the person i am and the person i  now know i want to be.

It was a little weird not drinking, for those who do not know i made one new years resolution this year and that was to not drink. My goal was for a year, but to be honest my real goal is for the rest of my life. Its a personally choice which is hard for some to understand but i felt so good about myself knowing that i held to that commitment to myself.

I am thankful for the wonderful life i have, the great friends, and a bright exciting new adventure in 2009. I hope today you decide who you want to be… and for you and you only… you stick to it.


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  1. Lisa Said:


    What a great resolution!!! I’m biased though because it’s a life long choice for me too! But you will be surprised how much fun you can still have and how much more of that fun you can remember!

    Anyhow, I’m proud of you!

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