Day 90- Seeing is believing…

or is it? Tonight we watch a movie, a favorite of mine, the matrix! What a great movie!! I think this movie really proves that believing is seeing, and that you don’t need to see something you can not see. I love the saying that faith is believing something you can not see.

I think this movie really challenges your mind and your thinking.

“If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain”

“The body cannot live without the mind”

I truly feel like i was introduced to the matrix the day with started learning all about the different quadrants of business and the different thinking that is involved to get to those quadrants. Somedays you think how did i get here, and man i wish i had taken the red pill. lol  It just proves that in many aspects of our lives we will meet people who are still plugged into the matrix.. and even sometimes i realize there is parts of me myself that are still plugged into the matrix.

I just think with this silly movie you mind is challenge and questioned so many times. I just love this movie because it makes me realize i am not using the full power of my mind. Because it truly do believe that if i can believe something that it can truly become my reality.

That i just need to wrap my head around different things in my life and i can achieve anything.

Anyways i could bauble on forever about this movie.. i just suggest you watch it and see how many things are said that truly challenge your thinking.

Today i am thankful that i am officially Candice Jayes… its a very weird thing to lose your last night as it feels it has been such a big part of your identity, but its nice t know i am officially a Jayes. I think jimmie’s grandfather was a very respectable man, and so to me it has always been an honor to become a Jayes. So today i am grateful for a new beginning with a new name. The new adventures of Candice Jayes to

I am also thankful  for the time to spent with jimmie to day just hanging out and watching a movie. Not having to really think too much about all that is going on around us.

I hope you all had a great thursday!


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