Day 92-Bling Bling

Today we had casflow and i really enjoyed todays game, jimmie always does a bunch of things that i don’t understand but sense i am always open to learning i decided to take some advice that he had given to his mom for playing the game, and i had one of the easiest games ever. 

We also got the chance to go to another one of Mike and Debs parties. This time it was a martini party with bling, so you had to bring a micki of your choice and wear some bling. So i brought my water.. which is my new micki of choice and came sporting some jewlery. Thanks to jill i got a tiara and some rings, and thanks to lisa L i got lots of necklaces to wear.

It was fun to hang around with all our good friends, and especially act goofy with Korey. Who had the best bling and the best costume ever!! sorry bryan… korey won hands down for playing the part and well having better bling than you… with the big clock. So i ahve a bone to pick with everyone at the party that they were WRONG …. and that KOREY WON BEST COSTUME !!!


Today i am grateful for  great company and great fun. I am hoping one day we can do parties like this except more costume based and less liquor based. I am grateful for korey and lisa… my new sober buddies whom made the party fun last night by hanging out with me. I am also grateful for the chance to hang out with Lisa L, Lisa B, Korey, Carly, Bryan, Mike, Deb, and of course Jimmie. i had a blast last night thanks guys!

Also i would like to thank korey for enless entertainment, and for just being so naturally fun and out going. I mentioned to lisa last night that your so awesome cause you can talk and mix with any crowd and you always know how to have a good time no matter what situation you are in.

I hope you all had a great time last night!


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