Day 97-Catching up

Well i decided to lay off posting for a few days as there was just too much going on. And between having my mind running on a thousand different things all the time and randomly crying for no reason the remainder of the time i thought it best to just wait till i was ready to get back into the hang out this.

But now that i am sitting here i am thinking what hapened these last few day that i am grateful for… how do i cover everything? well i have never done this before but i am going to do a list… i am great at list and i think it might help for me to cover everything.

1.52 years young… as most of you know my uncle passed on monday Janurary 26 after a long battle with cancer. It was a weird thing to lose my uncle, i felt i knew he but i don’t know if i could say that i truly knew him. I felt terrible seeing my  mom go through such a hard thing and i could not imagine the pain of lossing a sibling.  But i have to say even in this tough time i am greatful for many things.

-I am grateful for jimmie who just took over like a amazing husband should and cooked dinner for my family the first night.  I am thankful for the amazing support he was for me on friday for the funneral and most of all the amazing son in-law he was for me mom.  He stood beside her while she read out some special stories for support and to take over if she needed him to. He stood by her while she greeted guests, which was so amazing and i thank him so much for doing so. I could hold it together but everytime i saw my mom cry i lost it so this kind gave me the chance to be a little stronger for my family.  I even had people come up to me and say what an amazing husband i had and a perfect son in-law.

-I was also grateful that my dad came to the funeral, my dad was best friends with my uncle when they were in high school and that is actually how my mom met me dad. I am thankful he came because i know having this kinda be his old family it is probably awkward and hard to be around everyone, especially in a sad situation. I really loved that he was there and i felt safer know he was.

-i am thankful that i got married in September 2008 and that my uncle was able to be there. It is nice to know that i have a nice memory of him at my wedding, and i can always remember him as that outgoing, fun loving guy who could talk to anyone.

-I am thankful also for the many leasons and things his dealth has taught me, that may sound funny but when experiencing the dealth of some one close i find you always learn more about the person you want to me, and the things you want to do. Especially what you want people to say about you after you die. So i hope in the year to come i can stick to the many changes  i would like to make and that i am known as a great wife, a wonderful husband, a supportive friend, a good sister and daughter and a good woman!

2.  I am thankful for the chance i got to spend time with some of my cousins. there is a lot of problems and drama in my family and because of it i am not close to or truly know all my cousins. so i am thankful the chance to just be around them all.

3. I am thankful for the circle of life…. though my uncle passed this week there was some brought into the world this week. On janurary 29th. Matt and Julie brought into the world a beautiful healthy girl, Tessa Winter Jacqueline! And i also know that my sisters friend brough a baby into the world on January 30th, Abigail. So i am thankful that when god closes one chapter he always starts another. I am also grateful that i got the chance to spend some time hanging out with matt, julie, gail, and tessa last night. I can’t wait to have the joy of holding something in my arms that jimmie and I created!

4. I am thankful for out last week fo cashflow in red der and all the wonderful things we got to share with eachother about the coarse, i am thankful for the chane coming to red deer has given us to see cayce and pat more often and even get us use to being in a new future sity.  I am also thankful for the talk we had with pat about our moving in and i am looking forward to it more now that we have gotten some things out of the way. Though i will be hard not living close to my family i hope this move with bring new and exciting things to our life, and i think it will teach me many good leasons.

5. I am thankful this week too because we got our wedding video!! i have been dying to re-live the memory outside my mind! I was so excited to see the video and look forwarf to watching it a couple more times. Damien and Matt did an amazing job at taking control over the MC job with little to no guidance. Mom, Pat, cayce, Dad, Uncle dave, and Travis did amazing speaches, and i finally truly heard them, sense i was so nervous when they were being said. I am so glad i have them on tape and i can listne to them over and over again.  A special thanks to Carly and bryan who took over a lot for us to make that day happen.  And a special thanks to Lisa, Sarah, and Tammy for being such a  great bridesmaids.. things were not always perfect but i am always grateful for you all!

6. I would like to thank Lisa B, Carly, Travis, and Bryan for being amazing supports through this tough week. I love you all so much and i thinkt he world of you all. Thank you so  much for being such great true friends.

I hope  you all had a fabulous week and weekend… and i look forward to continuing on this journey together with you all. God bless.


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