Day 101- Crafty

Today i got to re watch the wedding video with my sister, it is always so nice to watch it again and in a way re live that day. Its also a little hard because there are some things that i am still a little sensitive about and so if anyone says anything i have a hard time thinking about those things.

But all that aside i am still so grateful that we decided to get a videographer and that we can watch the video when ever we would like.

I am also thankful for the chance i got to spend with carly tonight, though we did not chat as much as we usually do i had a blast doing something crafty. Artisit stuff is really what fills me up a lot and i have not been doing very crafty or creative stuff the last couple of months. So it meant so much to me that we could do that tonight. I am so jealous of carly’s stamp set and can’t wait to have things like that in my own special craft room.

Thank you for such a fulfilling night carly, i had an awesome time.

Plus a free valentines day card to give to me hunny 😉


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