Day 110- Creativity

Today was a lot of fun for me! Carly plan one of our girl outings to go to crankpots, this place on whyte ave where you paint pottery. It was so much fun and though i could not think about what i wanted to do at first i figured out a plan and went with it.

It was so much fun and it made me remember how relaxing it can be to set you self a fun task and finish it. I did not get to finish mine but i am hoping that jimmie will join me so i can go back and i am very excited what it will look like in the end.

Both carly and amanda did some awesome pieces to, and i am excited to see how theirs turns out too, they did just awesome and it was so much fun going with them both.

I am so grateful for carly and the time and trouble she went through to plan a girls weekend my last weekend in edmonton! It was so much fun! I look forward to even planning a few myself for everyone and having them al maybe come down to red deer.

also carly being the amazing friend that she is on top of all her planning and making  up such a great weekend for us all, she took me to Formosa and treated me to dinner on her. She is always giving , and i pray i can give back to her all the millions of things she has given jimmie and I.

Thank you so much carly for such a fabulous weekend!


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