Day 111-Sunday

I was really tired last night and was feeling a little emotional so i slept most the night and when i woke up i felt very  refreshed. I have been stressed and have not been sleeping well so to start off the day i was just grateful for a good nights sleep.

I had gone a head and make plans to hang out with my dad today, and was grateful that it worked out so well and we were able to see him today. It was nice to just play games and hang out and be around him for no reason but to spend time together. I have recently mentioned that my father just found out he has cancer again, its a hard thing to think about. especially sense i have not been close to him most my life and have been really trying over the last years to get closer.

I hope the silver lining to this story is that it will bring us closer together,i hate that it has to take a serious illness to get us there. But if we get there i don’t think i will care how we did.

I am so grateful for the time i got to spend with me dad today, and i am constantly reminded of the similarities we have in our personalities! and of course the differences.I also was surprise to find that after 24 years of my life, my dad does not have a beard and i learned who gave me this funny looking chin… thanks dad!lol

I am also thankful today for the chance to hang out with bryan and carly shortly today, its not my thing watching the oscars but it was fun to watch for a little bit.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


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