Day 1- A new perspective

It is often i let a day, week, month, and even a year go by with out truly taking the time to count my blessings. I have started gratitude journals and nightly prayers with the promise to myself of being in constant awareness of my blessings… but after a few days the promise seems lost and the blessings are few and far between.

It seems too easy to get caught up in the everyday of paying bills, being stressed, and the constant fight with negative thought, that often nothing seems ever really accomplished. I go to bed feeling drained, tired, and punishing myself for all the things i was unable to accomplish, or was unable to achieve. Never taking the time to praise myself for the hurdles i have over come, or counting the many things i am blessed to have in my life.

So today i have decided to open that promise, with the encouragement of a friend, and have my gratitude published on a daily basis. Though i feel naked at the moment with my thoughts displayed for all to see, i have comfort in knowing that i will be more accountable to that promise.  Making the time to have a better perspective on my life, and be more grateful on a daily basis.

So with all the laundry undone, the sink full of dishes and the millions of thoughts running through my head i start day one of silencing all that does not matter and being thankful for the many things that do.

I would like to start my blessings today with Jimmie, i am constantly grateful that Jimmie is a part of my life. I could write paragraphs on the many things i have learned, the different ways i have grown, and the love that i have been filled with having Jimmie in my life.  But today i am grateful for the courage jimmie has. Tonight we had a business gathering with some people on our team, and i watched as jimmie encouraged, inspired, and motived the people on our team to be better, acheieve more, and believe that their dreams are possible.

Jimmie is constantly growing, learning and going out of his comfort zone to provide for our family. He is always working toward the many goals and dreams we have for our future. I am blessed with his courage because i know with out him we would have no future to look forward to. I am grateful that he has the courage i do not.

I am blessed to have someone so willing to fight for me and our love everyday. I am blessed that Jimmie has promise his whole life to me. Not only that but that he confides in me, shares his ever dream, goal and fear with me and always has an ear to listen to me.

I am grateful that god has us living in a time where opportunity is vast and our future is not dictated by our last names or the land that we own, but by the work we put in and the discipline that we learn.

I am grateful for the family and friends who got together yesterday to celebrate with me another year. The surprise of Jimmie’s mom and brother coming down to join us, and the joy of just all being together under one roof.

I am grateful to have such great friends, such as Carly, who continually encourage me to do things i would not normally do. Friends who make me want to be a better person, and who constantly make me reflect on my life and improve it.

I am grateful to have a beautiful dog, who continually no matter how many walks she is taken on or how often she is truly appreciated greets me with a smile and unconditional love everyday.

So today as i get ready for bed i am grateful for many things… and hope that i will wake tomorrow with a new perspective and a new appreciation for those many things i have been given.

– Candice

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