Day 113/114- busy busy

Well i have been busy over the last two days trying to get everything in order for our big move on friday. i was feeling really behind at the beginning of the weeks so i kicked my ass in to gear yesterday and i think i packed like 30 boxes in a matter of a few hour. So with all that work i am feel a little better today, and accomplished even more today.

None the less it has been an emotional week. I am sad and excited all at the same time. It is going to be such a huge adjustment not only being in a different city but sharing my space with someone other than jimmie. Though i am also excited about all the new things moving has to offer.

I am grateful for all the de-cluttering i have done over the past month, and i am excited about upgrading to a nicer house for the year we will be living in it.

I am so tired i can barely think… i have a million things going through my head on and off. I am happy how much moving has made me realize how little i have been accomplishing things everyday just in normal day life and how much more productive i would like to be in the future.

I hope and pray that moving brings us great things, and i also pray that it teaches me some amazing life lessons. Hopefully easy ones. lol

Well back to bed… and then more packing … tomorrow is my last day of packing ekkk.


Day 112- The move in coming..

Well sense it is officially the last week of February the moving is coming up really fast. WOw i knew it would come fast, but even for me it has come faster than expected.

Its been a hard think to think about and i find my emotions of leaving this place are really starting to set in. I have been excited about the move sense we found out we would be moving, but i was also very sad about leaving edmonton (my home town) and being away from my family.

Now i am feeling the reality of those things!

Though i am very thankful for all the new beginnings this will bring us, i am sad to be leaving the first home i lived in aside from my mothers house and the first home i lived in with jimmie. The first place we created a home together. I am so thankful for the all wonderful ups and even downs we have expereienced in this house. Its been a crazy journey.

I will  have to adjust to life with just one husband instead of two, travis keeping me company, cheering me up when i need it, and even making me dinner!

I am grateful for all the cashflow courses we hosted in this house and all the wonderful people we met just here in our living room.

oohhh i better stop before i can not see…

I am grateful today for all the time me and jimmie spent at crankpots! I had a blast having lunch together and then spending time creating things. I am grateful for all the time we have together always! And all the wonderful things jimmie does for me. He has done a lot for me these last few weeks with my stress and emotions. I love jimmie more everyday!

I am thankful for jimmie mom whom i talked to today about the move i am glad i will be living with such a nice lady for the next year, and how understand she is of how i feel about moving, and the sacrafies we are making. I am glad to know that as much as we will be a support for her, i feel she will be a great support for me also.

Well until tomorrow… one day closer to moving day… i guess i better start packing. lol


Day 111-Sunday

I was really tired last night and was feeling a little emotional so i slept most the night and when i woke up i felt very  refreshed. I have been stressed and have not been sleeping well so to start off the day i was just grateful for a good nights sleep.

I had gone a head and make plans to hang out with my dad today, and was grateful that it worked out so well and we were able to see him today. It was nice to just play games and hang out and be around him for no reason but to spend time together. I have recently mentioned that my father just found out he has cancer again, its a hard thing to think about. especially sense i have not been close to him most my life and have been really trying over the last years to get closer.

I hope the silver lining to this story is that it will bring us closer together,i hate that it has to take a serious illness to get us there. But if we get there i don’t think i will care how we did.

I am so grateful for the time i got to spend with me dad today, and i am constantly reminded of the similarities we have in our personalities! and of course the differences.I also was surprise to find that after 24 years of my life, my dad does not have a beard and i learned who gave me this funny looking chin… thanks dad!lol

I am also thankful today for the chance to hang out with bryan and carly shortly today, its not my thing watching the oscars but it was fun to watch for a little bit.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Day 110- Creativity

Today was a lot of fun for me! Carly plan one of our girl outings to go to crankpots, this place on whyte ave where you paint pottery. It was so much fun and though i could not think about what i wanted to do at first i figured out a plan and went with it.

It was so much fun and it made me remember how relaxing it can be to set you self a fun task and finish it. I did not get to finish mine but i am hoping that jimmie will join me so i can go back and i am very excited what it will look like in the end.

Both carly and amanda did some awesome pieces to, and i am excited to see how theirs turns out too, they did just awesome and it was so much fun going with them both.

I am so grateful for carly and the time and trouble she went through to plan a girls weekend my last weekend in edmonton! It was so much fun! I look forward to even planning a few myself for everyone and having them al maybe come down to red deer.

also carly being the amazing friend that she is on top of all her planning and making  up such a great weekend for us all, she took me to Formosa and treated me to dinner on her. She is always giving , and i pray i can give back to her all the millions of things she has given jimmie and I.

Thank you so much carly for such a fabulous weekend!


Day 109- girls weekend!

Today i have many things to be grateful for, Lisa came up with an idea of a girls weekend about a month ago and carly just ran with the idea and made a great event for us all to attend.

We started the night having all we can eat perogys and i am happy to say i did not eat all i could have ate, and i still felt like i have gained 5 pounds during that meal, it was the best home made perogys i would have in a really long time.

After that we were treated to a free home spa complements of beauty control, and of course carly who again arranged it all. We got to have a great face wash, an instant manicure, Then lay relax with a foot soak, and eye pads and a hot cloth. It was so relaxing and so much fun! I am so grateful for the chance to just hang out with great people and relax.

After we got to settle in have some junk food, and watch a great girlie movie(must love dogs).  I had such a great time.

Thank you so much carly for going through so much work to put this whole weekend together. I am also grateful for lisa who drove me around all night, i appreciate you all so much !!

Thank you for an awesome weekend… until tomorrow.


Day 108- Painting

Today i actually got up early with jimmie, and though i felt so sick i told a lemon and honey tea and felt better right away. It was nice to sit on the couch all snuggled up watching a TV movie with jimmie.

Then about 12pm bryan and chris came over for a meeting, i think it went really well and it seemed like jimmie learned a lot from that meeting and talking to bryan after. It is so good to see jimmie busy, i think it makes him feel so much more productive. I am thankful for our new business and major change it have given jimmie.

I am also thankful that i got the painting done in the house today and that is one less things i have to worry about for the move. Plus bryan showed me a technique that made a huge difference, i amd not a painter or a handy man so i don’t know much about patch work and painting. I am was so happy  i got it done and i thought i made such a huge difference in the rooms i was able to do. I just wish we could do the whole house sense i feel we are leaving so many holes in the walls. lol

It was a semi productive day and i am looking forward to having more productive days in the next could days getting lots done preparing for the move.


Day 107- Walking

I woke up this morning sick, after like 5 nights of not sleeping or going to bed at 3am… it had caught up to me. I felt icky all day bit i was glad that i had made previous plans with lisa to go for a walk.

It made a big difference to my day. I am always so grateful for my time with lisa, she is an amazing friend and one of the nicest people o know. I love having talks with her about nothing and everything. My only regret is that i always feel i talk far to much.

it was a great chance to spend some time with her, and i am going to miss ourwalks this summer, but hopefully we can still some how fit them in.

I am also thankful for jimmie today, he always knows what to say even though he thinks he is saying the wrong things and his honesty is our relationship means the world to me.


Day 106- special days

Today was a pretty lazy day i have been  feeling a little under the weather, i think my body is just exhausted from having so much going on, and then not going to bed and getting good sleep in.

But One of my favorite things to do is to watch movies in the middle of the day while snuggled on the couch and the curtains closed. So that is what i did about all day. I am grateful for today and thankful that i got the chance to relax a little and just do nothing.

Later in the day i got up and finished laundry and then started patching holes in the wall, so i am also thankful on such an unproductive day i still got a few things finished and started.

Later in the evening i made rice crispy squares for travis and jimmie. My two Favorite men! I love hanging out with travis and am very sad we will no longer be living together in a week. Travis is an awesome friend and i am thankful for him everyday. Travis said a speak at our wedding and said that he is the one person who knows jimmie and me as a couple best, and that he had seen some good times and some not so good times. I say amen to that! Travis is an amazing friend and what he said is true. I am so thankful that it is him who knows us best, and that it is him who has always been there. I love you travis!

After going to bed jimmie and i realized we could not sleep so we got up and played one last game of monopoly, of course jimmie won but it was a funner game then usual.

I hope you all had a wonderful day,


Day 105- Dim Sum and Family day.

Today was a really fun day, we got up early and had Dim Sum with bryan, carly, amanda, and dan. Jimmie had Dim Sum another time in Calgary but this was my first time.

It was a really different experience and aside from a few things the food was delicious! It was so much fun to eat some new things and be around great people.

After that we played monopoly on the Nintendo with bryan and carly and it was fun, even though jimmie always wins. I am so grateful for a long weekend and the chance to spend some time with some wonderful time together.

I am also thankful for the chance to spend time with my family today, mom made us a wonderful stew and tammy made us some delicious desert. We played some games and i am always so thankful for my family.

Plus the great sister i have in tammy, who sent me home with lots of leftovers.

Happy family day,


Day 104- A Simple Sunday

We went to bed pretty late last night and so we missed the chance to go try Dim Sum with bryan and carly, but we did get the chance to meet up with some great people at about 2pm to catch up.

Laura and Randy our a couple who know us through he cashflow course, actually Laura took one of our first courses and we got to know her over the span of 10 weeks. It was nice to sit down and talk with them about whats been going on in each of our lives. We also met in the cutest place called Block 1912, it was pretty cool. I love old style places that are cozy like that. So it was so much fun talking with them both, plus sense they are older than us it is always nice to get around a couple who have gone through different struggles and learned so much.

After the meeting we headed over to my moms friends house for a nice get together. It has been year sense i saw a childhood friend of mine, and they were having kinda a celebration get together for him. Like i said it has been year so it was so nice to hangout ago and just have a good time, eating good food and being around good company.

I am thankful we had such a wonderful day of being around such fun and loving environments.

Plus i has a blast with jimmie, we watch a lot like love which i realized i really like, and then we hooked up the old nintendo and played yoshie’ cookies, and monopoly. It was so much fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful sunday and have many things to be grateful for on this wonderful long weekend!


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